Vitajte na domovských stránkach R-BAG Group.

Sme vedúcou spoločnosťou v oblasti leteckej prepravy v strednej a východnej Európe. Našou úlohou je zabezpečiť pokrytie potrieb našich zákazníkov v oblasti leteckého exportu/importu carga a pasažierov v regióne.

Pokiaľ hľadáte spoľahlivé riešenia od leteckej prepravy tovaru, po nezabudnuteľné cestovateľské zážitky, ste na správnom mieste!

R-BAG Group Vám ponúka integrovaný balík riešení šitých na mieru, ktoré Vám zabezpečí team profesionálov.

Naše Aktivity:

  • Cargo GSSA (General Sales and Service Agent)
  • Produkty s pridanou hodnotou
  • Ground Handling assistance
  • Flight supervision
  • Space control
  • PAX GSSA (General Sales and Service Agent pre pasažierov) a cestovná kancelária (B2Sky Travel)
  • Charterové lety (Cargo a Pasažieri)
  • Logistické služby o.i. cestná preprava, handling, skladovanie (ASI / Airline Support International)
  • Market intelligence
  • Cool-Chain riešenia

Sme presvedčení, že R-BAG, je riešením v leteckej preprave v strednej a východnej Európe!

R-BAG Slovakia s.r.o. was established in January 2010 as a subsidiary of the R-BAG Group. R-BAG Slovakia is owned by its Hungarian mother-company base in Budapest. Our mission is to provide to our valuable partners, so as to the forwarding agents and airlines, the possible highest level of air cargo related logistic services in terms of their export movements. This is guaranteed by our enthusiastic, dynamic and customer oriented team, having many years professional experience.

If your cargo requires some special treatment, such as being dangerous (DGR), perishable (PER), live animals (AVI), valuable (VAL), etc., than please contact us for further required special conditions.

If a certain destination you're looking for is not included in our general destination list, or the quantity or characteristic of your goods requires a special freighter carriage, or your shipment must enjoy an extra urgent uplift and delivery.

R-BAG Slovakia, with its represented, worldwide renowned and reliable airlines, such as Eva Airways, AirBridge Cargo, Georgian Airways, Etihad, Air China, undertake the transportation of any air-cargo related job to almost any point of the world.

We can arrange a dedicated charter flight solution for you. Any special requirement or condition might arisen, please turn again to our office, our experienced stuff is ready to help you.



DUPONT TYVEK (Cargo covers protecting any kind of cargo from all kind of environmental impacts during transportation. Additional security for your cargo during the flight)

SWITRACE (Data logger which helps you to track and record temperature. Additional security for our valuable customers for their valuable cargo)

If Interested in Cool Chain Solutions please click here


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2018.01.15.Austria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Headquarters, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine / newsIATA DG 59th

There are significant changes in IATA Dangerous Good Regulation 59th edition.

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British cargo airline, CARGOLOGICAIR, increases scheduled operations with new London-Dubai-Hong Kong service

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