Dobro došli na stranice R-BAG Grupe!

Predstavljamo vodećeg pružatelja usluga u zračnom prometu za Srednjoistočnu Europu, koji obuhvaća sve relevantne potrebe i zahtjeve svojih korisnika, a odnose se na prihvat i otpremu tereta i putnika.

Ako tražite sveobuhvatno rješenje prijevoza tereta i putnika u zračnom prometu - na pravom ste mjestu!

R-BAG Grupa vam omogućava sveobuhvatni integrirani paket prilagođenih rješenja u zračnom prijevozu, pruženih od strane iskusnih stručnjaka.

Naše temeljne aktivnosti uključuju:

  • cargo GSSA (General Sales and Service Agent)
  • dodatne usluge:
  • ground handling asistencija
  • flight supervision
  • space control
  • PAX GSSA i putnička agencija (B2Sky Travel)
  • charter brokerage (teretni i putnički prijevoz)
  • logističke usluge,  RFS usluge, ground handling tereta, skladištenje  (ASI / Airline Support International)
  • istraživanje tržišta
  • cool chain transportna rješenja

R-BAG je rješenje za vaše potrebe u zračnom prijevozu.

R-BAG ZAG d.o.o. is part of the R-BAG Group – high level logistics services provider with 17 years of experience in air cargo transport to almost any part of the world. The mother company R-BAG Hungaria was established in Budapest in 2001 and it still has the biggest organisation structure within the Group. Being the majority owner of its subsidiaries in Central and Eastern Europe, the Budapest headquarters are also executing the financial and strategic management of the Group.

R-BAG ZAG represents AirBridgeCargo, Air China and Emirates. With our airline portfolio we guarantee the most valuable air cargo service from Zagreb provided by our local team of professionals trained according to the high-quality group standards. Our goal is to continue developing the air cargo market in Croatia as part of our growth strategy for the whole Eastern European region.

If your cargo requires special treatment as dangerous (DGR), perishable (PER), live animals (AVI), valuable (VAL), etc., we will offer you special conditions. In case certain destination you are looking for is not included in our general destination list, the quantity/characteristics of your goods require special freighter carriage or your shipment needs an extra urgent uplift and delivery, we can arrange dedicated charter flights for you. Should you have any special requirement or condition, do not hesitate to contact us for the best solution.



DUPONT TYVEK (Cargo covers protecting any kind of cargo from all kind of environmental impacts during transportation. Additional security for your cargo during the flight)

SWITRACE (Data loggers wich helps you to track and record temperature. Additional security for our valuable customers for their valuable cargo)

If Interested in Cool Chain Solutions please click here


AirEuropa Cargo new GSA:R-BAG
2021.02.01.Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia / newsAirEuropa Cargo new GSA:R-BAG

We happy to inform you that AirEuropa Cargo gave their representation in Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia/Serbia to R-BAG Group.

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American Airlines new GSA:R-BAG
2018.02.01.Croatia, Slovenia / newsAmerican Airlines new GSA:R-BAG

We happy to inform you that American Airlines give their representation in Slovenia and Croatia to R-BAG.

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IATA DG 59th
2018.01.15.Austria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Headquarters, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine / newsIATA DG 59th

There are significant changes in IATA Dangerous Good Regulation 59th edition.

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Emirates started ZAG daily flight
2017.06.01.Croatia / newsEmirates started ZAG daily flight

We happy to inform you that Emirates started to fly from Zagreb from 1-st of June 2017 and represented by R-BAG ZAG D.O.O. On daily basis from Zagreb to Dubai and to 138 other destinations around the world. Operated by Boeing 777-300 ER.

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R-BAG is the official Tyvek distributor
2015.04.01.Austria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Headquarters, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia / newsR-BAG is the official Tyvek distributor

We happy to inform you that the famous American conglomerate DuPont appointed R-BAG Group as their official reseller in the Central Eastern European region, of Tyvek air cargo cover products.

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R-BAG ZAG d.o.o.

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Boris Lazić

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Regional Manager of South East Europe

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Cargo Sales Supervisor

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