IntWelcome to Indonesia – “the King in Southeast Asia”.

Welcome to Indonesia – “the King in Southeast Asia”.

Also named as future economic giant, Indonesia, reached within decades to be the 16th largest economy of the world and the largest economy in Southeast Asia!

R-BAG APAC Ltd is R-BAG Group regional head-office placed in Hong-Kong and taking leading responsibility for regional development of R-BAG sales, services and operation.

What makes us different is our focus on existing and developing synergies in Asia Pacific region and business opportunities and connectivity it creates. We ensure that our customers benefit from regional approach proactively developed into the business opportunities and delivered by R-BAG GROUP.


Our mission in Indonesia is still the same like at the establishment of R-BAG: to provide to our valuable partners, so as to the forwarding agents and airlines, the possible highest level of air cargo related logistic services in terms of their export-import movements. This is guaranteed and fellfield by our enthusiastic, dynamic and customer-oriented team.

Variability and adoptability of the services provided by R-BAG in Indonesia defines success of our customers and delivers optimised revenue and space utilisation. Once you are looking for start, development or improvement of your existing set up in Indonesia, you are very welcome to turn to our team of local and regional experts. Airline backgrounds and experience of our team multiplied by GSSA devotion to make the most of it will bring you to the next level of success in Indonesia.





R-BAG Indonesia

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