DHL Aviation

DHL Aviation is the fleet operator and capacity provider for DHL Express, the world's biggest and strongest express (courier) company. Thanks to its extreme large fleet, thus capacity available, DHL Aviation is a very strong player also in the general air cargo market. With its base hub in Leipzig, Germany, DHL Aviation operates one of the world’s biggest scheduled freighter network, which is extremely comprehensive, literally covers the world of Europe, North-America, Africa and the Far-Middle-East. DHL Aviation using five main airlines, operating for DHL Express : European Air Transport Leipzig, DHL Air UK, DHL Aero Expreso, SNAS/DHL and Blue Dart Aviation. There is also many other chartered airlines operating for DHL Aviation like Kalitta Air (K4), Aerologic (3S), Polar Air (PO) etc.

The main advantage is that all the flights are operated by cargo aircrafts. If you have dangerous cargo clasificated as CAO (Cargo Aircraft Only) DHL Aviation is the best choice for you.

DHL Aviation is the only one airline worldwide accepting all classes of shipments containing lithium batteries (subject to IATA Regulations).

General sales agent of DHL Aviation in Czech Republic – R-BAG Czech - can offer you road feeder service to hub in Leipzig which is operating every working day

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