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As per our motto, being the GSSA business still “people business”, we very much believe in the importance of keeping strong personal customer relationships. Due to the still limited size of the Central and Eastern Europe markets, i.e. the number of agents existing and acting in the air cargo fields (compared to the matured, huge size countries agent portfolio like Germany, France or Italy), we are still in the very positive position and favourable situation to be able to handle a real personal touch with all of them. Our dedicated personal customer focus is obviously based on a very intensive and frequent customer visits, i.e. by timely structured personal meetings with all the existing forwarding agents working on the market. By means of our regional approach our customers benefit from:

  • Market awareness and sales standards for all CEE region, no competition or cross border sales between stations that saves you from unnecessary discounts due to internal competition between countries
  • Combined European RFS trucking pre-carriage from the different multi-origins
  • Pushing the „in-and-out” concept, so making combined deals of export and import business flows with the blue-chip forwarding agents

Operations and Customer Services

Due to the relatively “rather overstuffing” approach of our company, we do have human resources to provide an utmost level of top quality of the services to our customers. Customer Service starts from the R-BAG internal standards of communication with customers as by e-mail so phone and sales visits. When we say customer service “starts” we should also mention that it actually never stops. We continuously take care about customers on all stages with 24/7 support available for our customers for example track and trace, shipment status updates, capacity information, etc.

  • Easy and efficient communication due to dedicated R-BAG managers responsible for customer service performance in the CEE region
  • Deep customer knowledge about factories/production geographical migration and smooth exchange of this information between R-BAG offices
  • Better capacity utilization based on real-time information share between the CEE stations of the current situation around, like the available capacity of the network, closed destination, or „need to be pushed” areas, etc.

Personal and comprehensive support regarding any issue related to aviation in CEE

Due to our personal relationships and contacts, we can assist you in the following issues and at these organizations related to aviation in CEE:

  • Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA)
  • Customs Authorities
  • Handling agents
  • Fuel suppliers
  • A/C maintenance (daily checks)
  • Crew transportation, accommodation
  • etc.

We are at your disposal at any time and in all kind of issues

Key factors of our success

  • People-business concept is still under focus and maintained across the entire air cargo community
  • Full knowledge of the local markets, i.e. full awareness of the available, running businesses
  • Long-standing ties with our close partners, so the decision makers at the forwarding agents’ all levels, from top management to export clerks
  • Customer oriented attitude but always with full respect and commitment to the represented carrier, thanks to our airline-forwarder background, experience and proven track
  • Management experience at high and global level
  • Local staff with international relationships, fully trained and educated according to the R-BAG standards
  • Enthusiastic, dynamic, ambitious team
  • Loyal, motivated, result driven people at all stages
  • Flexibility in all aspect, thus fast reaction to any changes or adaption

Handling and Trucking

R-BAG group provides trucking and handling services  by its subcontractor

Airline Support Intarnational Kft (ASI)

  • ASI is a neutral logistic service provider
  • Acting in the air cargo industry
  • Specialized and being expert in the Central Eastern European region
  • Offering high-quality, value-added services for its valuable customers as for the airlines
  • GSA’s freight forwarders

ASI aim to become a strategic partner for its customer’s Central Eastern European expansion plan, as so the very first supporter arranging any kind of air cargo related products and services in the region, providing export/import feeding and distribution solutions, i.e. trucking and handling.

ASI’s general services:

  • Global, fully controlled feeding and distribution services within the Central Eastern European region
  • Scheduled (plus ad-hoc) export / import trucking (RFS) services
  • Overall responsibility of trucking and handling from the pick-up to the final delivery point security (according to the IATA / EU standards and regulations)
  • GPS monitored, movement controlled vehicle on-time performance (over 99% the schedule kept) financial settlement (accurate, transparent, in due time)
  • Customer service (7/24 operation)
  • Track & Trace (EDI / FSU messaging)
  • Extended insurance to the Warsaw/Montreal conventions

ASI’s value-added services

  • One contract, one contact, one invoice for all service
  • Dedicated Airline Cargo staff / personnel
  • Double-driver services for express and high value carriage
  • Cool-chain within any temperature and product range pharma (2-8°C, 15-25°C) food stuff (dry, fresh or frozen) fresh flowers
  • ADR shipment transport
  • Boxed body, curtain, roller-bed equipped vehicle as per the need
  • Outsized / oddsized pre-carriage with particular route permissions
  • Night and weekend restrictions solved
  • Direct pick-up collections and direct final consignee deliveries

ASI’s trucking (RFS) network

  • Scheduled tailor-made trucking (RFS) services from/to CEE from/to all the surrounding airports
  • Seamless surface transportation (feeding and distribution) and logistic services
 (handling and warehousing) carried out by R-BAG under one umbrella

R-BAG offers ground handling assistance:

  • Close communication, co-operation and co-ordination with the handling agent’s staff
  • Physical presence on the air/land side fields
  • Flight supervision
  • Full capacity management and space control
  • Security supervision
  • Control of any tailor made, special requirements set

Finance and Administration

Centralised administration throw R-BAG tailor made IT system saving time to our local teams to be focused on sales, customer service and operations. Close monitoring of the receivables from our customers, combined with a sophisticated pre-selection of the partners we cooperate with, makes sure that no outstanding issues occur in our financial settlements, resulting our strong financial stability.

  • Locally registered Ltd. company in each country within Central Eastern Europe with centrally “HQ driven” supervised financial controlling
  • R-BAG Hungaria - as the mother company and the majority owner of its subsidiaries -, has the full business, finance, ethic and compliance liability over the whole R-BAG Group


R-BAG group provides charter services  by its subsidiary


Aviation Solutions International provides high quality services in aircraft chartering of private jets, ad hoc and series flights and - support in aircraft leasing.  We are experts in both passenger and cargo transportation. Our service is based on decades of experience in the airline industry.



We select the best value/price offer.

Our Clients

  • Dedicated check-in counter
  • Separate gate
  • VIP lounges
  • On board services
  • IFE (Internet, film, music)
  • Special catering
  • Dedicated account manager from Aviation Solutions
  • VIP services per request
  • Transfer
  • Accommodation
  • Special guidance

Additional services for group travelling


  • Governments and diplomatic bodies
  • Conference and other events
  • Sports teams and fans
  • Orchestras
  • Music bands
  • Media and film crews
  • Corporate and business travelers
  • Incentive tours
  • Special interest groups
  • Military travelers
  • Tour operators and travel agencies
  • Evacuation and emergency travel
  • Personnel movements e.g. oil and gas


When chartering a private jet we pay special attention to provide a highest quality and discreet service. We offer tailor made individual services. You may travel in more comfort and more cost effectively than on the Business class of scheduled flights.

During the operation, Aviation Solution International oversees check-in and boarding, provides you with real-time flight movement information in 24 hours around the year.

Our Clients

  • High level government and state officials
  • Company CEO's
  • Orchestras
  • Athlets, sport teams
  • Movie, music and fashion stars
  • Conference, congress  and other events attendees

We provide  special, bespoke services to  our clients

  • Exclusive airport VIP Lounges, GAT and FBO terminals
  • Discretion and anonymity
  • Simplified boarding procedures
  • Customized services on board
  • IFE (internet, fax, phone, film, music)
  • Personalized catering and drinks selection
  • Exclusive airplane’s interior design
  • Dedicated personal account manager from Aviation Solutions International
  • VIP Service per request
  • Transfer
  • Accommodation
  • Special Guidance

During the operation, Aviation Solution International oversees check-in and boarding, provides you with real-time flight movement information in 24 hours around the year.


Our team have decades of experience in air cargo transportation which is a guarantee for our excellent service.

If the quantity or characteristics of your goods requires a special freighter carriage, or your shipment must enjoy an extra urgent uplift and delivery, we can arrange a dedicated charter flight solution for you. Knowing the parameters and routing of the shipment we ensure the selection of the right aircraft, the most cost effective and reliable carriage. Our client- oriented value added services include aircraft supervision with dedicated Aviation Solutions International staff, door-to-door services and customs services.

We offer charter for any kind of cargo:

  • Urgent shipments
  • Special cargo like dangerous goods, perishable goods, live animals, frozen products  and other types of cargo
  • Heavy and oversized shipments
  • Charities & Relief Organization’s cargo
  • General cargo

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Our colleagues can be reached around the clock, every day of the year!

Aviation Solutions International

Office: H-1085 Budapest, Váci utca 81. Phone: +36 1 279 6896 E-mail: sales@aviationsolutions.hu Web: www.aviationsolutions.hu